Why LED Grow Lights

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      Why LED Grow Lights?
Let's get a grow on with some LED Lighting... Say What NOW?

If you’re a grower and you want the very best grow light for the very best price, so you are left with that satisfied feeling of “money well spent” lean in and pay close attention.

I’m going to share with you why LED’s, and more specifically, why HLG LED Grow Lights are the ones you should be paying particular attention too!

When it comes to purchasing Grow Lights is your story similar to mine?

If so, then you’ll know this industry is a real hit and miss minefield of good advice and bad, snake oil salesmen, and cowboys from the East full of hype, misinformation and bags full of shoddy wares.

So chopping through the forest of crap with my BS machette in order to discover the truth, proved to be hard work indeed.

Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, clicking through website page after website page, listening to podcasts and watching no end of videos.

All of this painstaking work, in order find the elusive “perfect” grow light and learn more about our favourite hobby, and latest and greatest tech to hit the scene!

I wanted to find the Best Grow Light that was, both Affordable, Reliable and offered Great Performance

When I finally decided I was going to buy an LED Grow light, what were once moans and groans about Burple LED’s not working, had now turned into chants of “no way these full spectrum white LED’s are the shizz and they actually work”

People everywhere were now raving about LED’s. But then I was faced with other dilemmas like, Which manufacturer? … How did their lights perform? … And who was king of the hill and the creme de la creme in the world of LED Grow lights?

My head was spinning from all the choices out there, it was making me dizzy, because it meant…

Yep you guessed it… More research, more questions and more food for thought… arrrrrghhh!

What hair I had left was rapidly disappearing.

Then, from out of the depths of nowhere the word “HLG” surfaced. And just like that the thought of in for a penny, and in for a pound popped into my head.

And boy was I glad when I looked at The Horticulture Lighting Groups Instagram page and their website.

These guys, looked like they were bang on. And I thought to myself, “if these specs are to be believed, performance confirmed and the results true. Then I have just HIT GOLD.”

True to their word, their grow lights fitted my requirements perfectly, and just like that, I found myself in the “I can’t believe it, but it’s true” category.

For those of you reading this, who are ancient like me, you might remember a guy called Victor Kiam, of the Remmington Razors fame.

He was the guy who liked the company’s products so much, he decided to buy the whole darn company.

Well a similar thing happened to me, except the part about buying company.

Instead, I liked HLG’s LED Grow Lights, and the guys who were selling them so much, that I decided to jump on board and sell their lights right here in Europe.

Now I’m about to share with you, how you can stop spending endless hour after hour researching LED grow lights and embarking on a journey which, could take months out of your life, months which would better spent testing, measuring and getting the results and bumper harvest you always dreamed of.

I’m about to save you a tonne of time… and point you in the direction of “Best in Class” LED Grow Lights by The Horticulture Lighting Group.

Whatever your project size, The Horticulture Lighting Group has the perfect Grow light for you, that is both Affordable, Reliable and offers top-notch performance.

From the pint sized QB 135 and QB 260 LED grow Light kits, for the closet connoisseur… to the Mid-Range HLG 300, which packs one heck of 600W HPS punch, even though it’s less than half the size… to the infamous HLG 550 V2, the latest iteration of HLG’s 550 flag ship model LED Grow Light, you know the one, the one that finally broke the barrier and actually keeps up with a 1000w HPS, whilst using less than half the power!

To find out why your first, and only choice for grow lights, should be HLG’s products go to www.HLG-UK-Europe.com or if you are in the US go to www.horticulturelightinggroup.com to check out the latest specs, tech and features.

Then be sure to do yourself a favour and grab yourself a deal with our latest offer and special pricing.

But hurry though, because the pricing is that good who knows how long the stock will last.

And as you probably already know, HLG stock tends to sell out pretty darn quick so once it’s gone, it’s gone and you will have to wait until the next shipment.

So grab a great deal today while you still can, so you too can enjoy that satisfied feeling of “money well spent”!

Visit us at: www.HLG-UK-Europe.com or www.horticulturelightinggroup.com